Meet Dr. Nawari                            

Dr. Nawari completed her dental degree at University of Florida College of Dentistry receiving the Molar Endodontic Award for excellence in Endodontics. Upon graduation, she practiced general dentistry in West Florida for a few years. She then decided to get back to school in order to pursue her career in Endodontics obtaining her Master’s Certificate in Endodontics at University of Florida.
Her research evaluated the Efficacy of 3D File Systems in the Removal of Gutta Percha and Sealer in Retreatment Procedures using Nano CT Technology. It is important to mention that the endodontic program at University of Florida is one of the strongest in the country, with excellent faculty and resources, both clinically and academically. Shahd served our profession and community in different positions, providing care to underserved population in Florida and Jamaica.
Outside her professional career, Shahd enjoys biking, hiking, attending sports events and exploring the diverse food scene of the pacific northwest.